5 Best Car Washes in Auckland You Should Try

Owning a car entails a lot of responsibilities such as having it properly serviced or keeping it free of dirt and grime. Auckland has one of the best self-service, full-service, and fully automated car washing centres with great services, great prices, and great results.

In this post, we’ve put together some Car Washing Services near you that offer a full solution to all your car cleaning needs in Auckland.

These automotive cleaning services have been handpicked exclusively based on rating factors including but not limited to:

Business History

Public Reviews


Range of Car Washing Services

Cost of Car Washing

Special Offers

Customer Engagement

Awards & Recognition

Auckland’s 5 Best Car Wash Centres

Here are our picks for the best car cleaning services that are most loved by the people of Auckland:

  1. Carfe (Greenlane)
  2. SAX Car Wash
  3. Rub-A-Dub
  4. Auto Valet Car Wash Limited
  5. Concierge Car Wash (Newmarket)

1. Carfe (Greenlane)

TELEPHONE+64 21 778 472
ADDRESS125 Green Lane East, Greenlane, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Carfe (Greenlane) is a one-stop destination to give your car the much-needed makeover. They have discovered what makes a vehicle look good during the past 20 years. Being Auckland’s best car wash, their staff ensures you receive the finest calibre of wash on time.

Furthermore, their skilled professionals perform each wash and detailing by hand. No machines, no drive-through, no system of love…

Just meticulous handwork that requires great attention to detail!

Car Wash Prices:

Carfe XFrom $40
Carfe SilverFrom $80
Carfe Silver LuxFrom $100
Carfe BlackFrom $300


  • Over two decades of Car Valet expertise
  • Provide premium Car Hand Wash
  • Also has eating and drinking facilities
  • Open 9am – 5pm throughout a week



Excellent and very friendly service. My car was extremely dusty both inside and out, but for $100, they practically made it appear like new again. Nothing to complain about; anyone may recommend.


2. SAX Car Wash

2. SAX Car Wash Auckland
Credits: SAX Car Wash
BEST KNOWN FORCar Cleaning, Motorbike Detailing, Boat and Caravan Cleaning
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+64 22 190 3562
ADDRESS110/112 Nelson Street, City Center, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Sax Car Valet has been a leading service provider in Auckland and is your go-to shop for all of your car, motorcycle, boat, and RV cleaning needs. Not just that, they carry a great assortment of leading auto care product brands.

What we liked about them is their Mobile Car Cleaning Service. They come to your house, place of business, or any other location and time to conveniently astonish you with great service.

These guys know that people like you and us don’t have much time for doing things like washing the car once or twice a month, so they offer a solution for all of us. What’s better than relaxing and enjoying time with your loved ones while they clean your car?

So call them or make an online reservation right away for a conventional or waterless car wash!


  • Has an online store featuring popular car grooming products
  • Offers Monthly Subscription Plan
  • Skilful car wash experts in town


Same-day mobile service…

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my car now appeared to have just been purchased. On short notice, VK offered same-day mobile service. He truly went above and beyond while smiling. I heartily endorse his valet services for cars.


3. Rub-A-Dub

Credits: Rub-A-Dub
BEST KNOWN FORCar Wash, Car Valet
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+64 9 630 0950
ADDRESS131 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Be sure to check in at Rub-A-Dub in Epsom, Auckland. It is New Zealand’s oldest full-service carwash. They are popularly known for their environmentally friendly method of car washing which places a priority on water saving. We are happy to see that they are doing every preventative action available to conserve water in this time of crisis.

Apart from this, you may earn Reward Dollars at Rub-A-Dub Valet Carwash for each wash or valet you purchase. It works exactly like the cash you may use at Rub-A-Dub to pay for auto repairs.

Moreover, there is no need for an appointment; simply stop by. They are open every day.


  • No appointment is necessary at Rub-A-Dub Valet Carwash
  • Has a friendly on-site staff
  • You can sign up for their newsletter and enter into their weekly King Valet draw


Coffee and snacks…

Excellent location to pamper yourself by having your car cleaned. Now, they have a little cafe with coffee and snacks. Really good when the servicing you had for your automobile can take some time.


4. Auto Valet Car Wash Limited

Auto Valet Car Wash Limited
Credits: Auto Valet Car Wash Limited
BEST KNOWN FORCar Valet, Car Wash, Car Care Products
EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+64 9 263 4133
ADDRESS116 Cavendish Drive, Manukau City Centre, Auckland 2104, New Zealand

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Since its founding in 2005, Auto Valet Car Wash Limited has been steadily expanding and providing services to a sizeable population in and around Auckland.

It is a stand-alone business without any branches in New Zealand. Their committed staff of skilled car groomers is adequate to handle everything you need. They are a premier go-to place for all of your auto care requirements. Moreover, they’ve competitive prices which do not cut a hole into your pocket.

Personal car owners, fleet leasing businesses, car dealerships, car yards, taxi services, rental businesses, courier services etc. are all part of their clientele. Plus, every new customer that visits them becomes a lifelong client.

From full interior to full exterior, you have enough options to choose from. 


  • Offer one of the best Car grooming services
  • Has Automatic Car Wash and Self-Serve Bays
  • Flexible set of timings for the service through online booking
  • Also do wax rubbing polish, engine cleaning and shampoo


Spotless and odour-free…

Booked a complete inside clean at the last minute. Lots of dog hair and a DIRTY car! Was pleased with the outcomes! I didn’t anticipate having all of the hair gone, but wow, they did a wonderful job!

Clean windows, doors, and dash. The seats look fantastic; however, it will take a few days for them to dry out, which is to be expected. Yes, it was expensive, but I went with that. Thank you for returning my automobile to me spotless and odour-free.


5. Concierge Car Wash (Newmarket)

EMAIL[email protected]
TELEPHONE+64 9 600 1373
ADDRESS277/309 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Concierge Vehicle Wash is another company on our list of the top car wash and detailing services in Auckland. Their commitment to staying up to date in their field guarantee a superb cleaning for your car.

Rest assured that your beloved vehicle will have a showroom-quality shine after going through the concierge car wash with these folks. As part of their inside car detailing service, the leather in your car will also be moisturized and restored.

Book your car wash and see it yourself.


  • Provide premium handling of your car every time
  • Hand Car Wash From $33, Car Detailing From $145
  • The Concierge Club for special offers and deals
  • Use the finest polishes from Europe and America


Terrific job…

We returned from a road trip with a messy car. I didn’t plan to remain any longer, so when the guy mentioned it would take 45 minutes to wash, that was ideal.

Instead of doing it myself, it was worth the $65 they charged because they did a terrific job. The car was dry and clean thanks to the Russian guy who worked there.


What are the different types of car washes available in Auckland?

There are mainly five types of car washes widely available in Auckland:

1) Self-Service Car Washes: Self-service car washes are often the cheapest. As the name states, you roll up your sleeves and use the water hose, soaps, and sponges to clean your car by yourself.

2) Automated Car Washes: Ever seen a car pulled along by a conveyor belt for washing? An automated in-bay car wash has soap and water gets automatically dispensed. They are a quick and affordable option for car washing in Auckland.

3) Soft Touch Car Washes: These are no-touch automated vehicle washes that merely employ high-pressure water and soap.

4) No-Touch Car Wash: As its name states, no-touch car wash uses no cloth or brushes. However, it might be less efficient without brushes or cloth strips.

5) Hand Car Wash: One of the most widely used car washing methods in Auckland, professional hand washers will utilize high-quality tools and thoroughly inspect your automobile, ensuring that any water or dirt stains are removed.


Do I need to dry the car after washing it?

After washing a car, it should always be dried off to avoid water stains. After cleaning, never try to dry the car by blowing air on it; instead, use a dry, plush microfiber towel or a special car dryer to make sure no water is left on the surface.

Does automatic car wash damage paint?

An automatic car wash may eventually damage your car’s paint over time. This is because, Automatic car wash centres typically neglect to maintain the brushes they utilize, which results in swirl marks—deep, microscopic scratches—on the surface of the automobile.

Should I wash my car under the sun?

The one problem you’ll have while washing your car in the heat or the sun is that the cleaning solution may dry before you can rinse it off.

So, if you do decide to wash your car outside in the sunshine, be sure to wash each panel individually to achieve a thorough car wash.


To cut a long story short, if you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free car cleaning in Auckland and the nearby areas, these 5 Car Wash Centres could be your best bet.

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